My Dad’s Face!


When I drew this in ink, my first thought was that it didn’t look like me and my second thought was that it looked like my dad.

Which is funny, because I always thought I looked like my mum.

We have an 8  year-old neighbour who spends a lot of time at our house (I think we’re like surrogate grandparents) and today his dad came to collect him. On the surface they don’t really look that alike, but once you know them both, you see the resemblance constantly. It’s in the shy smile, or the way they sit, or the incredulous look on their faces when someone has said something silly. It’s in the slightly hunched way they hold their shoulders when they walk, and the way they laugh, and the way they tilt their heads when they’re listening, and a thousand other barely perceptible things that pass like faint ghosts on your consciousness.

So even though I always thought I looked like my mum, this picture shows me that I must also look like my dad, even if it’s not always obvious.



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