I had a life drawing class today and our teacher told me that my drawings remind her a little bit of Alberto Giacometti. I came home and googled them and …. I WISH!

But it did give me the idea to try and apply his style to tonight’s selfie.

This is just biro and I, in no way, claim that it is on the same planet as the brilliant, awesome, amazing Giacommetti, but I did enjoy it and will study his work in more detail.



3 thoughts on “Giacommetti

  1. Leslie Wiebe

    Hi Louise…. I’m not sure how to send a comment…I tried but didn’t work.

    Interestingly, I was going to throw that out as a thought….to do your selfie in the style of different artists. I think you’d run with it!

    Enjoying your sketches a lot…and especially your thoughts.

    Cheers, Leslie

    Sent from my iPad



  2. j2015hall

    You have just made a terrific beginning to your year of selfies.
    I just have nine more painted selfies to go to finish out my year! Stop by and see.



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