No more mirror!

I tried again with the mirror and I just think drawing from real life is not for me.

I understand why others feel it’s important, but for me, it really doesn’t work. I am so busy trying to stay still that I capture nothing of my real self.

Today I played with an 8 year-old who chooses to come and see me whenever he can. We joked around and had fun, and his dad had to come and fetch him, otherwise he’d still be here.

You’d never guess that was my day from this self portrait, done while trying to look in the mirror and draw at the same time.

Nope. Not buying that there’s anything intrinsically better about pictures drawn from life.





3 thoughts on “No more mirror!

  1. Lynn Cohen

    I think it’s very different trying to draw ones self in a mirror than drawing a stranger or friend in person! I agree it’s easier drawing self from a photo! It’s three separate and very different things! I don’t think it’s about what’s right or what one should do! I think you/we should do what makes us happiest!

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  2. Louise Post author

    I agree Lynn, but most people who draw and paint don’t say that. As with almost all the SBS people, they look down on drawing from photos. But I have painted some really evocative and character-filled portraits from photos. I really believe that each artist is different and we all have different ways of reaching the same results – but, just as in any other profession – there is an army of people ready to evangelize about the “right” way.

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  3. j2015hall

    I agree with both you ladies…photos really work. Come visit my blog sometime, please. A new painting is posted each day. So glad you’ve set yourself the year’s challenge, Louise. Great start you’ve made,



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