The Seventh Deadly Sin

According to many ‘people in the know’ it’s bad to draw from photographs. You can’t possibly capture emotion and personality when drawing from something two dimensional, say these great knowers-of-everything.

Well, I beg to differ.

This and this and this, were drawing/painted from photographs. The photos captured a moment, and then I interpreted based on my mood, and out came an emotive self-portrait. Each of these pictures captures something real about me, something of the essence of who I am.

Then there’s today’s portrait, where I drew myself from life, in the mirror.


This captures absolutely nothing except what I look like when I’m looking down on myself from an angle and concentrating really, really hard.

Useful only if what I was going for was ‘How I Might Look if I Took an Exam.”

I think the real problem with drawing from photos lies with the artist, not the process. If you can fully immerse yourself in both the subject and your mood, you can convey strong emotion working from a 2D image – and, in the case of selfies, you won’t be distracted by the limitations of staring at yourself from a funny angle and trying not to move!


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