Blind Drawing

I love blind drawing.

It’s not what it sounds like. You don’t blindfold yourself before starting.

It just means that you never look at the page. You keep your eyes firmly on the subject of your drawing (in this case me). Without  a means of orienting yourself, the drawing becomes distorted. Your brain plays tricks on you, so things are out of proportion –  one eye is higher than the other, maybe things aren’t the right shape or size.

But there’s something fundamentally honest about it. There’s no self-consciousness when you know you’ll get it wrong from the start. So you are free to just enjoy the process and the result.

Drawing like this reminds you that the ability to create art is a real joy. Not the result, but the process. An absolute joy! (I don’t look joyful in the blind drawing I know, but that’s because I was looking in the mirror and concentrating. Trust me, I was having fun!)





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