It is What it Is…

I am never satisfied.

I want people to do/think/feel as I want (and they rarely do).

I want to have better drawings to show at an upcoming life drawing exhibit (and I don’t).

I want to know how things will turn out … but I can only know that at the very end (and I don’t want to be at the  end).

I want more. More of what? More of whatever I currently have.

I want to be thinner. I want to be younger. I want to be richer. I want to be happier.

I want… I want … I want …

As a baby, I never stopped crying, or so I am told. My parents tried everything.  They fed me, I cried. They hugged me, I cried. They  left me alone, I cried. Even when they broke down and cried … I cried.

Does that mean I am destined to be perpetually dissatisfied? Is this some punishment for heinous crimes in a past life?

I hope not.

I hope that in the third quarter of my life, I can just learn to accept what is.



One thought on “It is What it Is…

  1. Lynn Cohen

    You look like such an imp in this one, a very sweet one! May I suggest focusing on what’s there that’s good , and being grateful, but striving to improve! I don’t necessarily see them as opposites!



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