Days Like These

When I decided to draw or paint a self-portrait every day of 2016, it seemed like a relatively simple undertaking. That’s only 365 drawings after all. Only one drawing a day for 12 months.

How hard can it be?

But when you fall ill in month one, you realize the answer: quite hard!

Tonight, as my cold started to really take hold, I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep. But a commitment is a commitment, so I made myself paint this first. (sorry about the eyes but I can’t keep them open!)

Interestingly, I had seen a watercolour selfie on another website and admired the light touch and subtle colours. I decided to try to achieve something similar.

I didn’t. Instead I did this.

IMG_1483 (1)

It’s neither light nor subtle, but I’m not discouraged by that. I think it means I really do have my own artistic voice, even if I often doubt it.

Now I am going to crawl into bed and sleep for England!


4 thoughts on “Days Like These

  1. Lynn Cohen

    You are brave to stay committed even when feeling crummy! Your art so well done lets us see some of those feelings I think especially in your eyes! I hope this cold passes quickly Louise!



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