Oh no… a cold!


IMG_1473 (1)

I caught a cold. One day 2 I am just weak and tired, but my friend has the same cold and he has been really ill for more than a week, so I am waiting for it to get worse.

I had a lovely day – a full day of life drawing – but I am now drained and this selfie reflects that.

Hopeful that my immune system will kick in and I’ll get away with it.

On the plus side, this is my first self portrait in water soluble ink. The B&W drawing  was nice but the blue watercolour just lifted it. I am finding I like this combination of black, grey and blue.



3 thoughts on “Oh no… a cold!

  1. Lynn Cohen

    Bummer that you got the cold! The power of suggestion is strong, as after reading that it was easy to see a redness in your nose and eyes! Never mind it’s blue, the mind sees what it wants to see in your story! Your series of selfies is so very well done! That said heal quickly!



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