Why Does There Always Have to be More?

I was talking to my family the other day and somehow the subject of early jobs came up. I talked about my first real job in a record store.

Good Lord, I LOVED that job. I got to work with music all day and I was friends with all my co-workers. We laughed and teased and joked all day and it was so much fun that it seemed wrong to get paid at the end of the week.

And yet …

Within a few months, I was pushing for a promotion into store management. There were no women in management at that time an it seemed very important to my 22-year old self that I wasn’t stuck being ‘just’ a sales assistant. I needed to break the glass ceiling.

So I did.

And then I got a “better” job and a “better” one after that, because I kept pushing and kept shattering glass, and finally I sat at a big shiny boardroom table as one of the most senior people in my company and at some point I realized that I wasn’t happy – that actually, I hadn’t been happy since that leaving that amazing, fun job as a sales assistant.

Now, as I look back on that time, I realize that this is a consistent trait of mine. Whatever I have, whatever is happening, it’s never what I want. I can always see how it could be better, or how I could be better. And so I keep striving. But for what?

Where am I going that’s any better than where I already am?




2 thoughts on “Why Does There Always Have to be More?

  1. Kristy

    Well, I don’t know about where you grow up, but self-improvement and striving to be “the best” are built into the family and culture I grew up with. Parents are farmers? The kids strive to become white collar professionals. Mom a housewife? Daughter has a career and kids. Immigrants’ kids become doctors and lawyers. College graduates’ kids get doctorates. It’s quite a treadmill, eh? Sounds like you’ve stepped off and are about to catch your breath.


    1. Louise Post author

      The funny thing is that there was no pressure in my family to do more or be more. Just seems like it was built into me from day one. And yes, I’m starting to feel as though I need to let that part of me go – but can I do it?



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