Oh Screw It

So I put on weight for no reason I can understand.

But that’s OK because I found all these great videos on Youtube by this guy Gary Taubes, who thinks we get fat because of sugar and carbohydrates which cause something called insulin resistance and that is the issue. So if we just cut those things out, we’ll lose weight easily. And he has all this science to back it up, and he’s written books, and people seem to respect him and I’m feeling really good about my chances.

So  I don’t eat any sugar for the whole next day and it’s all great. This extra 10lbs will be gone in no time.

Until I find a video where he talks about women and the menopause and basically says that when our oestrogen drops, we get insulin resistance anyway, and then we gain weight.


So I’m 52 and I’m tired and it’s been a crap work day, so I just say screw it and have some wine and a handful of chocolates.





5 thoughts on “Oh Screw It

  1. Carmel Campbell

    This maturing process is not for the faint of heart. I love the expression on your face. I am 65 and the same weight as when I got married. Sounds good except things have moved!! Chocolate and wine is a necessity!


    1. Louise Post author

      You’re very lucky if you’re the same weight as when you married and you eat chocolate and drink wine! I’m about 30lbs over what I weighed when I got married (and that’s after losing 30!) It’s awful to feel the weight creeping back on. I am going to try this sugar-free thing and see how it goes.


  2. Lynn Cohen

    I’m 74.7 and female; after watching the Forks Over Knives video (Amazon or FOK website) three and a half years ago became vegan, reversed major health issues in the first four months ( lowered cholesterol, reversed being pre diabetic, got rid of Gerd) and lost 28 lbs in the first year. Am of course post menopause now. Lots of energy and feel great! Get blood tested yearly and have stayed off Statins and other medications I was taking before.
    I still eat chocolate (75-85% cocoa by the square (1-2) most days, just enough to satisfy, not enough to gain weight) I gave up alcohol many years ago. I love my whole foods way of eating.

    Your selfies continue to be wonderful, full of life, and this one has a special cute smile or is that a smerk and twinkle in your eye!


    1. Louise Post author

      Hi Lynn, you sound very disciplined. I am vegeterian but of course it’s perfectly possible to be an unhealthy vegan/vegetarian (just live off fries, chocolate and beer and you’re a vegan but a fat one!). I find it very very hard to give up sweet food and alcohol as they make life fun … but I must try.


  3. Kristy Brenner

    Wrinkles and weight and hot flashes, oh my! One minute I feel like the Wicked Witch, the next I feel like the Tin Man without a brain. (And then there’s that darn Lynn Cohen drawing like a house afire and eating chocolate!) I think I’ll join you in that glass of wine.



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