A Down Day


Pen & ink and watercolour pencils in Moleskine sketchbook

This drawing has made a bad day better.

I wake up feeling terribly tired for some reason. I’m supposed to be going to a full-day life drawing session, but I just can’t face it. Instead I go back to bed for a few hours.

When I wake up again, I weigh myself. First time after Christmas. Then I wish I hadn’t bothered.

My weight has crept up to its highest point in over 2 years. This might not be a problem for many people – it’s post-Christmas after all.  But this weight gain is happening without a change in my eating habits, and I used to be much bigger than made me comfortable.  I do not want to go there again.

So now I am feeling ill and feeling depressed.

I go back to sleep.

So what about the drawing? Well, first I love the colour scheme. But also, this was a drawing that went horribly wrong at first. I made my chin much too long and was about to give up. But then I thought of all you, and realized I have to post something, so I kept going. I fixed the chin (you can still see the errant lines) and I actually wound up with a drawing that probably looks more like me than any of my others.

So at least something good came out of today.


3 thoughts on “A Down Day

  1. j2015hall

    I really like this one, Louise. Hey, we all have some down days. Art really helps. I will be watching each day for your posting. Now judysarmchairjournal.wordpress.com is waiting for me to paint today’s selfie. It is lightly raining, making such a comforting sound on the roof above me, so I will relax and see what I can come up with tonight for my post.


  2. Carmel Campbell

    I am sure as you move through the year you will find more ways to save a portrait. If you had not had mentioned the chin I would never have seen it. I have a number of my selfies where I am wearing a scarf. I do not have a scarf in my wardrobe. Weight just happens more frequently as we mature and in winter. So just a slight adjustment like your portraits. Love your colors!


  3. debbietslp

    This is so lovely, Louise. Please be gentle with yourself. I so admire what you are doing, excited to see how this project evolves.



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