Red Sweater


In New York, wearing black from head to toe is considered normal.

Here in my rural North Yorkshire home … not so much.

‘Are you a goth?’ my builder/neighbour asked me when he was turning an empty cupboard into a walk-in wardrobe.

‘Do you wear so much black because you used to be overweight?’ asked my mum when I turned up at her house wearing what I thought was a fetching outfit.

I get it. All black is weird in Yorkshire.

So, although most of my clothes are still resolutely black, dark green or navy blue, I branched out a few weeks ago and bought a red sweater (or jumper as we say here in the UK).

I wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t. It has sat in my wardrobe ever since.

It just doesn’t feel like me. It’s so …. red!

But today was chilly, and it’s a warm sweater with a big polo neck, so I braced myself and wore it.

I wore it all day, even though it just didn’t feel like me.

I’m still wearing it as I type this post at 10.30 pm.

Still wearing it and still feeling slightly wrong.

And yet, when I sat in front of the mirror to draw today’s self-portrait, I saw how the colour softened the tones of my skin. And I realized that the the big fat polo neck (that has bothered me all day) actually makes me look a little younger.

The bottom line is that this jumper suits me, even though I don’t feel entirely comfortable with it.

Makes me wonder what other preconceptions I need to challenge.




9 thoughts on “Red Sweater

  1. captelaine

    I LOVE your red sweater, and how brave you are to draw yourself, I did 7 for sketchbook skool and it was not a fun experience for me, I don’t spend much time in front of a mirror.


  2. Sumiko Courtney

    So funny, “are you a goth?” I remember wearing a plaid shirt in NYC and feeling like the biggest hick ever. I love your red sweater and I hope you make peace with it.


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