January 5th



Watercolour, pen and ink, pastel

I’ve been reading a lot lately about thinking. Specifically, how damaging our thinking can be.

In one book (and I’m a little ashamed to admit that I can’t remember which one) the author said “if you had a friend who was wrong as often as the voice inside your head, you would stop listening to him/her.”

How true!

The voice inside my head is wrong much of the time. It whispers negative thoughts that regularly turn out to bear no relation to reality. Yet no matter how many times that happens, I still give 100% credence to everything it says. Yes, the last 10 things it said turned out to be false – but this one feels completely true!

Luckily, my friends are nowhere near as dumb as the voice inside my head. This year, I am going to try listening more to them, and less to that insistent “nattering nabob of negativism.”



7 thoughts on “January 5th

  1. Kristy

    My internal voice is not just wrong but critical and negative. A real joy to be around! Boy, I’d run, not walk, away from such a “friend.”


  2. opal

    I love your work Louise….and this one is just so vibrant with color. You use simple lines to create such energy. Your work inspires me to keep on doing my s/p every morning….please don’t stop!



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