January 2nd

I don’t think I could be accused of flattering myself in this one.

The drawing was initially done blind contour and continuous line, meaning the pen couldn’t come off the paper, and I wasn’t allowed to look at what I was drawing.

I then went over with watercolour and watercolour pencil. Not a true likeness, but maybe a likeness to part of me?



5 thoughts on “January 2nd

  1. j2015hall

    I like your pen sketch over the watercolor background. And Louise, I saw where several jumped right in and said “I’m in.” Like they think they can post to your blog! It was nice of you to say they could post their creation in the comment section, but I can’t see how that could be done here.


    1. Louise Post author

      Thanks for the kind comment! I supposed the only way to post here is to post the photo somewhere else (like Facebook) and then link to it


  2. kimberlyhanson

    I am really impressed with your self portrait commitment and your skill! I have been working daily on a self portrait – and no matter how much I work or what techniques I try, I have yet to produce something that looks like me! I love these views of you.



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