January 1st

This year, I am challenging myself to post a painting or drawing every day. 365 days. No rest, no excuses.

I need to push my art practice in new directions, to stretch myself, to test new ideas and play with new techniques.

But for me, the best way to do this is to have strict limits (too much freedom and I find myself unable to do anything). I need one subject. One subject that doesn’t change, so that my approach to it can be as free as possible.

That subject is me.

I will post a self-portrait every day of 2016.

This challenge is not only about pushing my creativity. I am also challenging myself in a more personal way. Now that I am in my early 50s, I don’t like to look in the mirror. I hide when people try to take my photograph. Truth is, I probably always have done.

But now I’ll have to look. I have no choice. Maybe that will be a good thing.




3 thoughts on “January 1st

  1. Lynn Cohen

    Early fifties and already avoiding the mirror. Oh dear. My son is fifty one and he cringes when I draw him, as I draw what I see … The bit of fat accumulating under his chin, the slight hair loss atop his dome. He’s still very handsome in his mother’s eye, but yes he is not the teenager in perfect physical form he once was. I was 23 when he was born, so my physical attributes have had 23 more years to “progress/ age” shall we say. My dear husband likes to say, if I mention some “change, or failing” seen in the mirror, “this is the best it’s going to be … Or it’s all down hill from here!” It’s all relative.

    I like all your captured facial features, Louise. I like the line work, the added water colors and I look forward to seeing where this takes you/ us.

    I’m game to keep facing my reality and yes, it’s nice to have such good company, young company, I might add, along the way! I dare say I’ll be seeing far more drastic changes than you will, but again, that’s all in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it? Let’s enjoy the ride!


    1. Louise Post author

      Hi Lynne, I’ve always avoided the mirror to be honest. Now when I see photos or video of myself when I was younger, I wonder what I was so ashamed of. I was pretty! Of course, one day I will probably look back and think the same of me now, which is why I want to address it and maybe get over it. My face is what it is. No one will be offering me a new one!



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